Evolution 3A4

4 x 100 Watt @4 ohm | 4 x 130 Watt @2 ohm | 2 x 200 Watt @4 ohm bridged


Crescendo Evolution 3A4 is 4 channel amplifier to drive 1 set of 2 way front speaker with 100 Watts of power and 1 or 2 piece of 4 ohm subwoofer with 200 Watts of power. This amplifier has bold and powerful sound character. On top of that, terminals are positioned at 1 side so it looks tidy.

Crescendo Evolution 3A4 utilizes class D design, which is well known for its high efficiency.

Some advanced features of Evolution 3A4 as follows:

Amplifier is supported with high quality components such as Sagami inductors from Japan and NXP audio amplifier chip from Philips that results in audiophile grade sound quality.

Preamplifier is pure without active crossover so sound quality is not degraded.

Crescendo Evolution 3A4 adalah amplifier 4 kanal yang mampu menggerakkan 1 set pengeras suara depan 2 jalur dengan tenaga 100 Watt dan satu atau dua buah subwoofer 4 ohm dengan tenaga 200 Watt. Amplifier ini memiliki karakter suara yang tebal dan bertenaga. Terlebih lagi posisi terminal berada di 1 sisi sehingga terlihat rapi.

Crescendo Evolution 3A4 menggunakan konsep desain kelas D yang memiliki efisiensi tinggi.

Beberapa fitur unggulan yang dimiliki Evolution 3A4 adalah:

Amplifier didukung oleh komponen berkualitas tinggi seperti induktor Sagami dari Jepang dan chip amplifier audio NXP dari Philips sehingga kualitas suara yang dihasilkan berkelas audiophile.

Preamplifier murni tanpa crossover aktif sehingga kualitas suara tidak terdegradasi.


Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 272 × 159 × 50 mm
Amplifier Design

Advanced Class D full range

Cosmetic appearance

Brushed aluminum with black and red lining

Number of channel(s)


Power at 4 Ω stereo

4 x 100 Watt

Power at 2 Ω stereo

4 x 130 Watt

Power at 4 Ω bridged

2 x 200 Watt

Minimum speaker load

2 Ω at stereo, 4 Ω at mono

Frequency response

20 Hz – 20 kHz


40 Ampere

Low pass filter

Not available

High pass filter

Not available

Total harmonic distortion at 4 Ω

< 0.03 %

Signal to noise ratio

> 85 dB

Remote control

Not available

Low voltage protection

Yes, protect < 8 Volt

Overheat protection

Yes, at 80 Celcius / 176 Fahrenheit