Evolution 7X3


Crescendo Evolution 7X3 is complete 3 way passive crossover for Evolution 7S3 speaker. The passive crossover is carefully designed in the car as the real environment to produce natural sound as it should be. It is used to win EMMA Asia Master Unlimited Champion year 2017 and 2018.

Some features of Evolution 7X3 as follows:

Designed in the car as to produce natural sound in its true environment considering all the placement, angle, and reflections in the car.

Coupling capacitor from Jantzen Audio, Denmark and 1.0 mm inductor throughout.

Bi-wire input to separate woofer from midrange and tweeter so it has separate time alignment and level as mostly woofer is separated far away in the door.

Midrange high pass can be bypassed with a simple switch to run 7S3 in semi active-passive mode.

3 positions of tweeter level adjustment, 2 positions of tweeter and midrange level adjustment, plus 2 positions of woofer level adjustment.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 161 × 222 × 47 mm
Passive xover type

3 way, HP & LP midrange, HP tweeter, LP woofer

Passive xover frequency

300Hz accoustic between tweeter and midrange, 4kHz accoustic between midrange and woofer

Tweeter Xover

HP 12db/oct at 4kHz

Midrange Xover

HP 12db/oct at 300Hz (can be bypassed via switch), LP 6db/oct at 4kHz with impedance compensation

Woofer Xover

LP 18db/oct at 300Hz

Tweeter attenuation

3 attenuation, Full L-pad

Midrange attenuation

2 attenuation

Woofer attenuation

2 attenuation

Passive xover component

1 mm inductor, Custom tuned capacitor, Jantzen Crosscap (Denmark), Standard resistor

Passive xover design

Bi-wire (separated woofer input)