4 x 75 Watt @4 ohm | 4 x 125 Watt @2 ohm | 2 x 210 Watt @4 ohm bridged


CRESCENDO REVOLUTION 5A4 is the latest advanced high-performance competition amplifier under the groundbreaking REVOLUTION series.

REVOLUTION 5A4 represents the highest reference of dynamic fidelity that has greater headroom, a significant perception of pace, rhythm, timing, and an increase in resolution.


REVOLUTION 5A4 is an integration of a small size revolutionary design and technologically sophisticated amplifier that will stand out in almost any installation.


REVOLUTION 5A4 is what we call a “pure and dedicated amplifier’ with no crossover or bass boost, crafted to deliver dynamics and authority that will control any speaker.

Design is based on a new circuit architecture to reduce noise and distortion creating a silent background. Its musicality is revealed in an extraordinary lifelike nuance and pure articulation.


REVOLUTION 5A4 is designed to listen at low volume allowing all details to come forward as the background is silent.


REVOLUTION 5A4 connects effortlessly with the modern Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which is almost in every system nowadays.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 270 × 150 × 60 mm
Amplifier Design

Class AB high bias

Cosmetic appearance

Brushed grey aluminium

Number of channel(s)


Power at 4 Ω stereo

4 x 75 Watts

Power at 2 Ω stereo

4 x 125 Watts

Power at 4 Ω bridged

2 x 210 Watts

Minimum speaker load

2 Ω at stereo, 4 Ω at mono

Input sensitivity

5 Volts – 350 miliVolts

Frequency response

7 Hz – 40 kHz


Not available

Low pass filter

Not available

High pass filter

Not available

Total harmonic distortion at 4 Ω

0.08 % (1 Watts, 20 Hz – 20kHz)

Signal to noise ratio

108 dB (rated power), 116 dBA (A weighted), 97 dBA (CEA-2006 1 Watt)

Remote control

Not available

Low voltage protection

Yes, protect < 8 Volt

Overheat protection

Yes, at 80 Celcius / 176 Fahrenheit